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NCGS Online Seminars Etiquette


While the NCGS seminars are moving online via Zoom, we aim to offer the same room for intellectual exchange and growth. In order to maintain the order and quality of our seminars, a disciplined adherence to certain rules is necessary. Beyond the usual common courtesy of virtual meetings, a couple specific guidelines will be in effect during the seminars:


  • Only participants who identify themselves with their real name and institution are allowed to participate. We feel that it is particularly important in the online world, as it allows us to maintain security and transparency during the seminars.
  • Upon joining the meeting, participants are asked to mute their microphones and not to disturb the presenter and/or the seminar’s facilitators.
  • To create an open and friendly space for communication we ask all participants to show themselves and not ‘hide’ behind the black screen with their name. This will also make discussions easier.
  • During the Q&A session, participants wanting to pose a question or to make a comment are asked to notify the facilitator of their intention by “raising their hand” with the appropriate reaction button or on the screen. The moderators will bring in people in the queue once the previous question has been answered.
  • Participants asking a question should unmute their microphone and state their name, affiliation and discipline. This is a tradition in this interdisciplinary seminar, because it allows participants to understand from which disciplinary background a participant asks a questions or makes a comment.


If you have any technical problems with the Zoom access please contact our NCGS graduate assistants: