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The NCGS Workshops since 2008


An important part of the NCGS series became the interdisciplinary workshops that were organized by different faculty with the support of graduate students on behalf of the NCGS series at several universities in North Carolina between 2008 and 2022. Usually, they were financially supported by the respective university, and, in addition, generously by the German Studies Association (GSA) for which we were very grateful:

  • 2008 UNC Chapel Hill:
    Germany’s 1968: A Cultural Revolution?
  • 2009 UNC Charlotte:
    German Cultures of Conflict: Technology, Business, and War
  • 2010   UNC East Carolina University:
    Popular Belief, Religious Identities, and Conflict in Germany
  • 2011 UNC Chapel Hill:
    The Holocaust in Eastern Europe: Race, Gender, and Property— The Experience of Nazi Occupation at the Local Level
  • 2012  UNC Chapel Hill:
    Transnational German Film
  • 2013  Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill:
    Creating Participatory Democracy: Green Politics in Germany since 1983
  • 2014  Duke University:
    From Harlem to Hamburg and Back: Intersections of German and Africa American Culture
  • 2017 UNC Chapel Hill:
    Burdens and Beginnings: Rebuilding East and West Germany after Nazism
  • 2022  UNC Chapel Hill (Zoom):
    German Historians in North America After 1945: Transatlantic Careers and Scholarly Contributions