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Archives and Collections of Primary Sources

German History in Documents and Images (GHDI)

is a comprehensive collection of primary source materials documenting Germany’s political, social, and cultural history from 1500 to the present. It comprises original German texts, all of which are accompanied by new English translations, and a wide range of visual imagery. The materials are presented in ten sections, which have been compiled by leading scholars. All of the materials can be downloaded free of charge for teaching, research, and related purposes; the site is strictly intended for individual, non-commercial use.

German Literature Collections

brings together five individual ProQuest German literature resources: Goethes Werke, Schillers Werke, Kafkas Werke, Brechts Werke and Die Deutsche Lyrik. Subscribers to the German Literature Collections website can also choose to include the Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker as an optional addition to the above five websites.

Historical Maps of Germany

Meta-Sites for German Studies

The German Studies Web (WESSWeb) provides access to an organized and annotated array of free online scholarly resources in German Studies, including all German-speaking countries. The site is a collaborative project of German Studies bibliographers nationwide.

Virtual Libraries

Virtual Library: European and German History

The WWW Virtual Library (VL) is the oldest catalogue of the Web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of HTML and of the Web itself, in 1991 at CERN in Geneva. Unlike commercial catalogues, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert; even though it isn’t the biggest index of the Web, the VL pages are widely recognised as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the Web.

Virtual Library Zeitgeschichte
Die Virtual Library Zeitgeschichte erschließt Datenquellen nach qualitativen Kriterien. Den inhaltlichen Schwerpunkt bilden wissenschaftliche Ressourcen aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum. Der Katalog umfasst ausgewählte Online-Angebote vom Ersten Weltkrieg über das “Dritte Reich” bis zur frühen Nachkriegszeit. Der Fokus liegt auf Datenquellen zur deutschen Geschichte bis 1949. In diesem Zusammenhang werden im Katalog auch Institutionen und Organisationen sowie methodische und hilfswissenschaftliche Ressourcen verzeichnet.